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Top 10 Best Programming Languages you need to Learn in 2018

Top 10 Best Programming Languages:

In this article Best Programming Languages, we will describe the most popular programming language which not only helps you to increase and boost the skill set but also this will help you to boost your career opportunity. As per recent GitHub’s data which gives us a pretty great idea to know about the best popular programming languages that you must  have for better career. if you wanna know about Our top recommendations are Java, JavaScript, Swift, and Python, C#.

Over the years, the skilled programmer having the knowledge of the to 1o programming language are in demand. Coding, Implementation type jobs are now in the main stream and now creating a million of employment over the last decade.Top Best Programming Languages

Which programming language is best for beginners?

most of the freshers always wondering with the same question like ‘Which programming language is best for beginners?’ so If you’re freshers/new to the programming world, there are so many ways to choose your first programming language that will help you to choose your best career opportunity. You can analyze the needs and field of working interest such as — app development, web application, web design, mobile programming — and choose the best programming language. as for best practices, freshers can go with Java, Javascript, Mobile development as per their need and interest.

Best Programming Language For Experienced professional:

Those who are already having the knowledge of programming/or experienced programmer in any skill set like object oriented programming, procedural language programming can learn programming languages and improving their skill sets. By leveraging multiple languages, they are able to solve a problem statement easily which programmers faced in daily work life.

Top 10 Best Popular Programming Languages

1. JavaScript:

JavaScript, also known as the language of the web, is used in every web based programming at the top.In nowadays, javascript is getting more popular in the field of programming. This is a high-level, dynamic, and interpreted programming language that’s supported by all modern web browsers.Other javascript libraries like Angular Js, Node js, and so many libraries are introduced in near 5 years which not only help you to build the most interactive website but also this help to design device friendly architecture. It allows the developers to build web applications and add interactive elements to the websites.

2. Java:

Java, a best object-oriented programming language, is used for creating server-side applications, video games, and mobile applications along with android studio and open source. As it’s the core element of any native Android application, Java keeps enjoying an enormous popularity among the developers. this language can solve your both purpose like android programming and web based programming.

3. Python:

Python is a widely popular and general purpose programming language. Python is created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991. Python framework uses simple syntax, it’s also recommended as the first programming language. Without a doubt, Python is one of the best popular programming languages you can run in 2017. there is a single problem with this languages especially in India you will get a lesser opportunity as career perspective.

4. Ruby:

Ruby, a general purpose, and object oriented programming language that supports multiple programming paradigms and is used to create web apps. Apart from being easy to use, Ruby is known for its power. Ruby on Rails (Rails is a framework) is in high demand these days.

5. PHP:

PHP is a server-side scripting language that primarily focused on web development. It’s nowadays most popular programming language for companies and also freelance developers. It forms the base of two internet giants, WordPress and Facebook. If you wish to become a web developer, PHP is an important language that you need to learn.

6. C++:

Based on C, C++ is a general purpose programming language that has influenced many other modern programming languages. Tons of daily applications, software, drivers, firmware, etc., used by us are written in C++. It’s considered to be an intermediate level language that has the qualities of both high-level and low-level programming language.

7. C#:

Designed by Microsoft, C# (pronounced C-sharp) is a general-purpose, modern, object-oriented programming language. This relatively newer language breathes life into a wide range of Microsoft applications that are powered by .NET Framework. The programming in C# is very much based on C and C++. So, if you have a basic idea of C and C++ is Best programing language, learning C# won’t be much though.

8. Go:

Go is an open source programming language that’s aimed at making simple, efficient, and reliable software. It was created by three Google employees in 2007. In the recent times, it has emerged as one of the most popular programming languages, and it’s used by some of the Google’s own production systems. Many Go projects are also used for web servers, APIs, minimal web application frameworks, etc.

9. Scala:

Scala, a general purpose programming language, has been designed to be concise and fulfill the shortcomings of Java. Its source code is intended to be compiled to Java bytecode to allow the resultant code to run on a Java VM. Also, as its name suggests (Scala is a portmanteau of scalable and language), Scala is designed to grow with the demand.

10. Swift:

Apple decided to create a new programming language for its iOS and OS X application development in back in 2014. As a result, Swift was born. Since then, we observed that it has been in tremendous demand and the developers are learning this skill in big numbers. It adopts the best of C and Objective-C, allowing a developer to create an intuitive app with Apple.



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Anand Kumar

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I am founder of and by profession Sr.Tech Lead. I like to explore New Technologies, New Business idea and many more
Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar

I am founder of and by profession Sr.Tech Lead. I like to explore New Technologies, New Business idea and many more

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