Top 15 ASP.NET MVC interview questions and answers

Introduction: In this post, I will let you know about Top 15 ASP.NET MVC interview questions and answers for freshers and experience. These questions are commonly asked in the interview at various stages.

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Now Let’s Start our Today topic “Top 15 ASP.NET MVC interview questions and answers for freshers and experience”

1- What is ASP.NET MVC?
ASP.NET MVC is a Microsoft developed web development framework based on Model View Controller. ASP.NET is basically architectural software pattern which is created by Microsoft. It’s basically decoupling various components, Pattern of web Application. Using this we can modify themes and customization without any change in functionality.

2- Is MVC is Technology or Pattern?
MVC is Patterns, which work on behalf of Model View and Controller.

3- What do u understand about (MVC) Model-View-Controller?
Model View Controller is the core part of ASP.NET MVC. Entire application in Segregated in these three parts
• Model: Model is the lowest level of the MVC pattern which is responsible for maintaining data. This plays an important role design and maintaining UI and data both.
     •View:    View is basically UI part which use to create the User interface to interact with the application.
    •Controller: Process incoming requests, handle user input and interactions, and execute appropriate application logic. A controller class typically calls a separate view component to generate the HTML markup for the request.

4-What are differences of ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web forms? MVC main advantages are:
• Enables Test Driven Development (TDD).
• Easy integration with JavaScript frameworks.
•  Following the design of stateless nature of the web.
•  Enables the full control over the rendered HTML
•  Provides clean separation of concerns (SoC).
•  RESTful URLs that enables SEO
•  No View State and PostBack events Web Form Advantages  are:
•It provides RAD development
•Easy development model for developers those coming from win from development

  5-  Explain MVC (Model-View-Controller) in general?
As explained in Question No.3

6- What are the Core features of ASP.NET MVC?
Here is some core feature of MVC
•        Routing in MVC
•        Attribute based Routing
•        Filter in MVC
•        Filter Overrides in MVC
•        Generate Coding using Scaffolding
7- What is Routing In ASP.NET MVC?
Routing is one such MVC feature which decouples the URL schema of the application from the rest of the application. It’s work on basis of route collection and RoutTableCollections

8-        What are the ViewData, TempData, ViewBag
9-        What is the Action Method in ASP.NET MVC
10-        What are the Action Filter in ASP.NET MVC
11-        Can You explain the roles in ASP.NET MVC
12-        What are the Request flow of ASP.NET MVC workflow
13-        How can you create custom attribute?
14-        What is the current version of ASP.NET MVC
15-        What are Difference  Default MVC Routing and Attribute based Routing in MVC

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I am founder of and by profession Sr.Tech Lead. I like to explore New Technologies, New Business idea and many more

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